Previous Balances


The account for the previous year’s expenses at MSJA or other Seventh-day Adventist educational institutions must be settled before a student is permitted to enroll for the current school year. Any delinquent accounts remaining from a brother or sister who attended FLEC must also be settled before another family member is admitted.

Statement of Responsibility

Each student is accepted at MSJA with the understanding that his or her parents or legal guardian is/are responsible for the legal aspects of his or her attendance, regardless of age. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

a) Payment of the account
b) Damage to property
c) Liability through altercation.

MSJA endeavors to keep the cost of Christian education as low as possible so that all Adventist young people can attend. The following statement outlines the general financial practices that are important to the parents and/or financial sponsor.

Tuition/Registration Fees

The major expense for the school year is the tuition. The annual tuition is broken down in ten payments and the last payment is due in May. Registration is a one-time fee due at registration. 

Application Fee

The application fee is non-refundable.

Scholarship Application

Scholarship applications (Step Up, AAA, McKay, etc.) are independent from the school.  It is the sole responsibility of the parent or guardian who assumes financial responsibility to apply and present the award letter to MSJA towards their child(s) tuition.  Please contact the Scholarship provider directly.

Transcript or Diploma

Transcripts or diplomas cannot be issued unless the account for the student has been paid in full.

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